How to Protect Your Children During Pest Removal

Our bodies come into contact with chemicals every day. They are in the foods we eat, places we work, and our homes. Despite being prevalent in our daily lives, most chemicals are toxic and hazardous to our health. Chemicals are found in water, soil, air, and even our bodies. These chemicals have a negative effect on the health of humans and animals says Matthew Taylor of Green Solutions Pest Control in Tampa, Fl.

The bad news is that children’s growing bodies are harmed more by chemicals because the toxins are more harmful to their growing bodies. When chemicals are found in the home, there is an ever greater risk. Children typically begin crawling on the floor from a young age, then play on the floor throughout the day as they get older. Unable to wash their own hands, they are frequently passing chemicals from the floor and other places they can reach into their mouths.

Products containing harmful chemicals include things such as furniture and floor polish, detergents, cleaning products for all types of surfaces, drain cleaners, pesticides and more. Dangerous chemicals include lye, phosphoric acid, chlorine, phenol, and formaldehyde to name just a few. Unless otherwise labeled, even some children’s products contain toxic materials.

Although parents can’t always control what’s in the water or at other places, they can control what they use to clean the home. Getting rid of pests and insects should be done by Tampa pest control professionals who use green products so as to not add even more chemicals to the home. Even lawn care can use green solutions so children aren’t bringing more chemicals in after playing on the lawn. Being aware of the many chemicals out there is important to being able to control how many your children come into contact with. Since young children spend so much time at home, starting in the house can have the biggest positive impact on their health.

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